we showed this robotic art project in bushwick, brooklyn april ’11 @ stanhope cellar studios, -‘a light in the basement’- curated by nicholas chatfield-taylor via todd p.

we filmed lili knitting the monofilament mesh at the center of the work, and tracked the needles’ movement. we mounted blue lasers on linear actuators and servos, then programmed the motors with the needles’ position data. the table top is the shape of the room.

a separate robot, seen briefly at the start of the main video, toggled a low wattage light bulb to create different lighting conditions.

the work presents a superimposition of the static, knitted mesh, and the movements that created it, transposed, and translated into the media of motion and light.

short, detail excerpts, not shown in the video above, are here >>

two new works opening 1.28.11 in greenpoint

lili maya james rouvelle
minimal audible fields

lili maya james rouvelle
feedback f s f -r s ns

lili maya james rouvelle
feedback f s f -r s ns

we’re a part of the st. cecilia sound art project that runs this friday, january 28, from 8-10, and this saturday, january 29, from 2-9, at 21 monitor st., brooklyn, ny (greenpoint). directions and map below.

the show is organized by Rabid Hands and features many artists in a variety of media who have filled the former convent with projects.

we have two new pieces in room 307, minimal audible fields, and feedback f s f -r s ns:

minimal audible fields generates visual compositions in response to low frequencies at the threshold of sound and vibration propagating through the convent during the exhibit.

feedback f s f -r s nsis in the form of a closed system with interlaced feedback, i.e, the output of one robot is the input of the other. the system generates visual compositions as the robots alter their environments and influence each others behaviors.

directions to st cecilia’s convent via subway: L to Graham Ave. Walk down Graham (Via Vespucci) towards BQE; turn right on Richardson and left on Monitor.