sustained contemplation offset

from of light like intervals, our recent solo exhibit on martha’s vineyard, august 2011.

sustained contemplation offset is a floor piece made of two LCD monitors [one mounted vertically, and one mounted horizontally – the horizontal monitor was rescued and brought back to use by us for the show], a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) security camera, two mac minis, and custom software.

in this work, the vertical monitor is displaying a screen saver called flurry, which we made some subtle changes to. a PTZ security camera is positioned in front of the vertical LCD monitor and programed to track the movement of flurry on the screen. the PTZ is focused tightly on the screen saver. the live feed from the camera is fed into custom software that filters the incoming stream and shows the images that it selects in a varying rhythm on the recycled/specially adapted horizontal lcd.

for still images please visit our flickr gallery.