charge-shift, nos. 1 and 2

maya.rouvelle-charge shift

charge-shift nos. 1 and 2, are two sculptures made of micro-controllers, custom software, electrical components, and monofilament wire, measuring approximately 4’x2’x10″, and suspended inside of two display areas on the porch of the virginia weston besse gallery on martha’s vineyard. they were included in our recent solo exhibit entitled of light like intervals.

inspired by the slowly changing, ambient natural light of the westward facing space, the architecturally transitional nature of the porch, and the color and textures of its wooden interior, charge-shift, along with 7744, and 8 diaphanes, was developed with the combining of indirect sunlight and electric light (LEDs), and the qualities of transition, in mind.

the electronics consist of multiple small micro-controllers each controlling a single tiny LED, each interconnected and suspended/positioned within the work by thin, white conductive wire.

the network of micro-controllers are programmed individually to persistently and slowly change the brightness of their LEDs in a process analogous the gentle shifts in ambient light of the space as sunlight is filtered through the lush foliage of a garden in front of it.

looking at charge-shift, one is aware of change occurring on the surfaces of the piece, resulting in different views of the composition, but the specifics of what in fact has changed are not always clear.

we began making site visits to prepare for our show in early may, prior to the bloom of spring, and were captivated by the island’s natural light, and the intricate, twisting branches, and horizontality of its trees and brush. in subsequent visits we noted the forms created by the lines of branches interlaced with increasing foliage. while we never intended to portray these forms in our work the affinity between the island’s landscape and our compositions and mark marking is clear, and in the context of these works in this location, formative.

to view the entire flickr set, go here.