au concert printemps flottant

maya.rouvelle paris

mayarouvelle palais de tokyo

au concert printemps flottant was shown at the palais de tokyo as part of concert hall, a large collaborative work included in nouvelle vagues.

au concert printemps flottant is a kinetic installation composed of organic and industrial materials, including a live tillandsia medusa, a custom LED grow light, a motor, and commercial gas vapor street lights, among other materials. a micro-controller regulates movement and changes in lighting intended to both sustain the tillandsia and reveal a sequence of 26 short variations in movement and light over 11 minutes. au concert printemps flottant was built and programmed on-site during the installation period for nouvelle vagues’ concert hall and was influenced by, and references, the themes of music, play and integration at the heart of this exhibit.

the materials include: tillandsia caput-medusa, electronics, plastic tubing, metal springs, custom electric light, vellum, wood, paint.

the dimensions of the work are approximately 10’x20’x15′.

for the flickr set click here.