120/108 is a sound and movement work done in collaboration with Terence Caulkins. it was realized as part of the opening performance for Silence and Noise at the Brooklyn Zen Center (April 13, 2012), co-curated by Noah Fischer and Terence Caulkins. Silence and Noise, for which we also have a sculptural work, will run through September 29, 2012.

120/108 began as a study on the acoustical properties of a large, singing bell that resides in the zendo (meditation space) of the Brooklyn Zen Center and has a primary role in services at the center.

the analysis of the bell extended to an analysis of how its sounds propagated through the zendo, and how different acoustical properties of the bell, its frequencies, and those of the zendo were revealed at different locations within the space.

the work we composed utilizes various acoustical phenomena evoked by striking and rubbing the bell, as well as resonating it with sine waves. we developed an interface to synchronize contact with the bell with software and permit real time communication between the two.

the piece was experienced by walking slowly through the space as practiced with kinhin (walking meditation). visitors followed a pre-determined path intended to slowly reveal each element of the composition. additional performances over summer ’12 are being planned.

the title refers to the primary frequency of the bell and the number of interactions with it during the performance.

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